Let The Bible Speak

  Let The Bible Speak is broadcast each Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. on KTVE Channel 10 out of West Monroe, LA.  Hosted by Evangelist Kevin Presley, the program deals with a variety of Bible subjects to help you understand and appreciate the salvation that God has provided through Christ.  We believe the Bible is how God reveals His will for the salvation of man.  God is telling us in the scriptures what to do in order to be saved, and how to live a life that is pleasing to him once we are saved.  It's all there in scripture if only we will listen to what it's saying.  Join us each Sunday morning and Let The Bible Speak! 

 Program #TitleSpeakerTranscript
View14010Did Christ Die In Vain? Read
View14020Did Christ Die In Vain? Part 2 Read
View14030Did Christ Die In Vain? Part 3 Read
View14040Can You Recommend Your Religion? Read
View14050Being Then Made Free From Sin Read
View14060The Faith Once Delivered Read
View14070Six Views of The Lord's Supper Part 1 Read
View14080Six Views of The Lord's Supper Part 2 Read
View14090The Deadline Part 1 Read
View14100The Deadline Part 2 Read
View14110The Dividends of Discipleship Part 1 Read
View14120The Dividends of Discipleship Part 2 Read
View14130Lessons From The Old Testament Read
View14140What To Do With Life's Burdens Read
View14150God's Idea of A Christian Read
View14160Saved By Grace Read
View14170The Foolishness of Preaching Read
View14180Barriers To Belief Read
View14190Real Repentance Read
View14200Honoring Christ Read
View14210It's A Miracle! Or Is It? Read
View14220Sabbath or Sunday? Part 1 Read
View14230Sabbath or Sunday? Part 2 Read
View14240Farming Problems Read
View14250God's Plan Through The Ages Read
View14260Must I Be A Member of The Church To Be Saved? Read
View14270Battle For The Bible: Credibility Read
View14280Battle For The Bible: Sufficiency Read
View14290Battle For The Bible: Relevancy Read
View14300Battle For The Bible: Authority Read
View14310The Forgiving Father Read
View14320The Sinner's Prayer Read
View14330The Thief On The Cross Read
View14340Unchanging Things In A Changing World Read
View14350Before And After The Cross Read
View14360The True Value of Truth Read
View14370Ask For The Old Paths Read
View14380A Time For Tears Read
View14390But I Thought Read
View14400The Issues We All Must Settle Read
View14410The Day Of Small Things Read
View14420The Church That Jesus Built - Part 1 Read
View14430The Church That Jesus Built - Part 2 Read
View14440Unrequited Love Read
View14450Rightly Dividing The Bible - Part 1 Read
View14460Rightly Dividing The Bible - Part 2 Read
View14470A Cry In The Night Read
View14480The Blood of Jesus Read
View14490The Crown of Thorns Read
View14500What Must I Do To Be Saved? Read
View14510Unto What Were You Baptized? Read
View14520What Think Ye Of Christ? Read
View14530What Then Shall I Do With Jesus? Read
View14540By What Authority Doest Thou These Things? Read
View14550Is Christ Divided? Read
View14560What Shall A Man Give In Exchange For His Soul? Read
View14570First Things First Read
View14580Playing With Fire Read
View14590Are You Listening? Read
View14600The Religion of Micah Read
View14610Does God Want You To Be Happy Read
View14620The King's Men - Part 1 Read
View14630The King's Men - Part 2 Read
View14640The King's Men - Part 3 Read
View14650There's A Great Day Coming Read
View14660All Good People Go To Heaven Read
View14670Is It Wrong To Judge Others? Read
View14680Is Anger A Sin? Read
View14690Fatal Flaws of A Prophet Read
View14700Should Babies Be Baptized? Read
View14710The Language of Ashdod Read
View14720Has The Kingdom Already Come? Read
View14730Where Is The Kingdom? Read
View14740Is A Millennial Kingdom Coming? Read
View14750The Gospel of Christ Read
View14760How Can I Know I've Been Saved? Read
View14770What Does Your Religion Cost? Read
View14780Patterned After Paul Read
View14790The Passover & The Lord's Supper - Part 1 Read
View14800The Passover & The Lord's Supper - Part 2 Read
View14810The Passover & The Lord's Supper - Part 3 Read
View14820According To The Pattern Read
View14830Witnesses At The Judgment Read
View14840Once Save, Always Saved? Read
View14850Redigging Old Wells Part 1 Read
View14860Redigging Old Wells Part 2 Read
View14870What is Your Life? Read
View14880This Is Not That Read
View14890If The World Would Turn To Christ Read
View14900The Nature of The Church Read
View14910The Assembly of The Church Read
View14920The Mission of The Church Read
View14930The Destiny of The Church Read
View14940Dust To Glory Read
View14950Day of Decision Read
View14960Rebuilding The Wall That God Tore Down Read
View14970The Unpardonable Sin Read
View14980Paradoxes of Calvary Read
View14990Our Greatest Need Read
View15000Church Discipline Part 1 Read
View15010Church Discipline Part 2 Read
View15020Is God Still Speaking To Man? Read
View15030Only In Christ Read
View15040Paul's Remedy For A Troubled Church Read
View15050If Only We Had Known Read
View15060Art Thou He Who Troubleth Israel? Read
View15070Surviving Dark Days (Part 1) Read
View15080Surviving Dark Days (Part 2) Read
View15090Don't Forget God Read
View15100The Lord's Supper - Q&A Read
View15110Is Your Church Changing? Read
View15120When Should I Leave A Church? Read
View15130Paul's Measure of A Strong Church Read
View15140Synonyms For Sin - Part 1 Read
View15150Synonyms For Sin - Part 2 Read
View15160Ten Marks of Bible Baptism Read
View15170Living In A Romans 1 World Read
View15180Not Far From The Kingdom Read
View15190The Battle of Armageddon Read
View15200Buzzwords - Part 1 Read
View15210Buzzwords - Part 2 Read
View15220We Would See Jesus Read
View15230Giving Thanks Always Read
View15240What God Has Joined Together Part 1 Read
View15250What God Has Joined Together Part 2 Read
View15260Walking In The Footsteps of Jesus Read
View15270Misconceptions About The Birth of Jesus Read
View15280Marks of Maturity Read
View15290Let The Children Come Unto Me Read
View15300A Crippled Man At The King's Table Read
View15310The Spirit and Salvation Read
View15320Saved Before or After Baptism? Read
View15330Is Conscience A Good Guide? Read
View15340Is Tithing For Today? Read
View15350The New and Better Covenant - Part 1 Read
View15360The New and Better Covenant - Part 2 Read
View15370Three Great Rules of Life Read
View15380Why The Church Exists Read
View15390Judge Not Read
View15400One Cup Q&A with Jimmy Cating Read
View15410Where Are The Dead? Read
View15420The Lord Was Departed From Him Read
View15430The Sinner's Prayer Read
View15440God's Ancient Landmarks Part 1 Read
View15450God's Ancient Landmarks Part 2 Read

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