Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Afternoons at 2:30 p.m.
Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 p.m.
No Bible Classes | Commune with one cup

Audio Sermons

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ListenFirst of AllBarney Owens
ListenTouring Your HeartBarney Owens
ListenWhy Am I Waiting?Barney Owens
ListenThe Silence of The ScripturesBilly D. Dickinson
ListenUniting A Divided FamilyBilly D. Dickinson
ListenSix Pressing Reasons Why You Should Obey The Gospel of Christ TodayClint DeFrance
ListenA Cheap ReligionDon King
ListenSpeaking In TonguesDon King
ListenThe Face of JesusDon King
ListenThe TeachingDon King
ListenThe Two CovenantsDon King
ListenA Man In NeedDon Pruitt
ListenA Matter of FaithDon Pruitt
ListenDare To Do RightDon Pruitt
ListenWhat Must I Do To Be Saved?Don Pruitt
ListenBaptismJ. Wayne McKamie
ListenMarriage of The King's SonJ. Wayne McKamie
ListenScenes of CalvaryJ. Wayne McKamie
ListenSoldier of The CrossJ. Wayne McKamie
ListenBut He Was A LeperJoe Hisle
ListenCompromise In ReligionJoe Hisle
ListenEssentials For Christian LivingJoe Hisle
ListenHow To Study The BibleJoe Hisle
ListenWhy Study The Bible?Joe Hisle
ListenAfter The Due OrderJohnny Elmore
ListenWhy Be A Christian?Johnny Elmore
ListenFour Absolute Things That Will Happen After DeathKevin Presley
ListenAuthority of ChristianityM. Lynwood Smith
ListenBetter Than GoldM. Lynwood Smith
ListenBlessed AssuranceM. Lynwood Smith
ListenFollowers of PaulM. Lynwood Smith
ListenThe King's BusinessM. Lynwood Smith
ListenThe Master's MarkM. Lynwood Smith
ListenRightly Divide The Word of TruthPaul O. Nichols
ListenThe Great Scheme of RedemptionPaul O. Nichols
ListenWhat Makes A Strong Church?Paul O. Nichols
ListenAttitudes Toward The TruthRichard DeGough
ListenThe History of Individual CupsRonny F. Wade
ListenThe History of Sunday SchoolsRonny F. Wade
ListenThe Three CrossesRonny F. Wade
ListenGetting Acquainted With GodWayne Fussell
ListenThree Views of ChristianityWayne Fussell